Wednesday, 31 December 2008


2008 is the worst year in my life
2009 is coming real soon...
i hope all sui pergi
more ong mali
earn more money
get a honey
born a baby
that will be lovely
parents, siblings and friends healthy healthy
also my granny
not only healthy but also happy happy

Sunday, 21 December 2008

call me . s e x y ~

as an architecture student, i believe i need to have this post.

Thursday, 18 December 2008

m o t h e r

Who is the best mother in the world?



F . A . I . L . U . R . E



She encourage you,

She motivate you,

She push you move forward.

Since we were young.. Our teacher, parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, great-great-grandparents, if you have the chance to meet them, they always say

failure is often a stepping stone towards success

failure is the mother of success

failure precedes success

failure breeds success

failure is path to success

Some might even sing



Basically, we shouldn’t give up easily when we face some problems. Take it as an experience. Think positively. Tomorrow will be a better day!!

But what can you do if you fail too often?




j . u . s . t . . g . e . t . u . s . e . d . t . o . i . t . ~




Monday, 15 December 2008

r e a l i s e

I always thought I’m the lucky one…
But now only I know how UNlucky I am. ..

Sunday, 7 December 2008

k a m p u n g . b o y

L . o . n . g . l . o . n . g . time ago, there was an ambitious handsome kampung boy name Ah Hou, living with his sexy mother in a small small kampung. One day, he decided to go city for a brighter future. That’s how the story begins…...

It is lunchtime. Ah Ho is getting ready to leave for the big big city of Kuala Lumpur. He is having a farewell meal with his mother. His mother is worried as he is her only son and he has never been out of the village… what will happen to him?? Will he be ok?

And now… we begin Ah Ho’s journey in KL…

Ah Ho arrives in Pudu bus station, bedraggled, tired, lonely…

… and totally lost.

He ask directions from a local…

Being the “kampung boy” that he is, Ah Ho doesn’t realise that this is an outdoor car park…

And therefore prepares to “rent” a car!!

Oh! What did he see?

Ah Ho is amazed by the sea of people in one of KL’s most busy intersections

He is not so sure about the function of zebra crossings..

Finally, he has arrived at his uncle’s house…

These are part of my site analysis presentation slides for my Design Studio 3 during 2006. Thanks to the - pak chi group- , especially the Ang Family. We have the idea when we yam char at mamak stall. Yeah~ exactly like how Monsters Inc created. Master ideas always appear during empty chat, like Ah Wong always say “Chin cai ngap, dong bei cap”. I will say it was one of my favorite presentations in Taylor’s College and we got good respond~ happy~ The details of the presentation (the site analysis) won’t be explain here because I’m sure you won’t be interested~

Saturday, 6 December 2008

Shit…I forgot…

I forgot I have a blog….