Sunday, 13 September 2009

d i r e c t i o n

Story ONE:
I’m meeting a friend of mine for dinner…here goes the story..

F: my friend
M: me

Kring Kring Kring…
M: Halo~
F: Hey, where is the restaurant we are having dinner again? I’m on my way.
M: Oh, is in Salak Selatan. You know how to get there rite?
F: Hmmm…I’m not so sure, can you roughly guide me there?
M: Sure..where are you now?
F: I’m in Salak do i get there from here?Is that near?
M: …….

Story TWO:
This happened to an AngMo friend of my friend….errr….get what I mean?

AM: AngMo
MT: My Friend

On the phone again…
duu duu....duuu duuu...

AM: Help! I’m lost….
MY: Calm down, where are you now?
AM: I have no idea where am I, I told you I’m lost!
MY: Alrite, can you see any street sign? Like Jalan something? Spell as J A L A N ?
AM: Wait...
AM: Thank god! I saw one!
MY: Lovely! Can you spell it to me?
AM: Sure! It is Jalan S E H A L A ~
MY: ..... (follow by) HAHahahahaha…

I think I read the story two somewhere, but that’s what my friend told me…

Monday, 3 August 2009


Went to Sepang Gold Cost few weeks back to celebrate my primary schoolmate birthday...

I never expect it is so pretty..but may be only at nite, cz we can’t see the rubbish

look at the sky which full with stars, they r so...shiny? blinkable? they r lovely lar...hahaha...…

so sad that i never bring my tripod along...

(i highlighted the stars...they r not that big ok GOHGANLI)

oh ya…



Tuesday, 28 July 2009


What is the first thing come across my mind when people say...


w r o n g a n s w e r ~

I'm not talking about the movie !!
I'm talking about my allowance practicing as a trainee in a Malaysia architecture firm..

Prepare for the glory....not~
may be in the future...

Thursday, 2 July 2009


a word I always heard when I'm in Glasgow with my Malay flatmate...

Tuesday, 30 June 2009


Whenever peoples talk about MJ, it reminds me two persons…
Michael Jackson and Michael Jordan…
Both MJ have lots of similarity…
Obviously both call Michael…
both are legendary people…
both are my idol…
both are black…errr…i thinks so?
They bring their profession into another level…
They created trend, legend, fashion…

When two legendary meet…

But now, one is dead…

The news shocks the whole world when everyone is looking forward his world tour concert…

But his fans are all around the world…they used all kinds of ways to commemorate him…and some of them try to imitate him too~
This will be one of the best examples I guess…

We OML will remember you always~
R.I.P - Michael Jackson

Photo credit to Hon

Just and additional video…Look at how Iverson (another idol of mine) mixed up two legendary people…(i felt that it is very funny)

Wednesday, 24 June 2009


I’m not getting lazy, just that, too many nice videos to share lately…hahaha…I hope this sounds convincing…hmmm…

Anyway, back to the topic…I was watching youtube randomly earlier and came across a song – 旋木by Faye Wong.

Even though I know this song for sometimes, but, I never pay attention on the lyrics before, until today...and get to know the lyricist - 杨明学. I love his lyrics, jealousnya…I wish I’m good with words like him...

But sadly, he passed away by the age of 24 because of tumor of soft tissue天妒英才 ar!!haih….He was in the MV with his girl friend…which is why story behind the MV and lyrics is so meaningful…

Lyrics -



奔馳的木馬 讓你忘了傷
看著他們的 羨慕眼光

旋轉的木馬 沒有翅膀
音樂停下來 你將離場

I’m not a person who good with words…try to do research about him!!

Cucuk sini!!

eh..cucuk rosak dah cukup...

Btw, 我不难by孙燕姿 was written by him too~

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

你去找! 我找无~

another video to share...

你去找! 我找无~
(Go and look for it! I can't find it~)
i bet this is a common conversation between you and your parents or siblings...

for those who can’t read Chinese, please watch it with someone who can...
because this is too cute and funny...

finish it~
is a happy ending~