Wednesday, 31 December 2008


2008 is the worst year in my life
2009 is coming real soon...
i hope all sui pergi
more ong mali
earn more money
get a honey
born a baby
that will be lovely
parents, siblings and friends healthy healthy
also my granny
not only healthy but also happy happy


Chris said...

you can get a honey, but definitely not BORN A BABY.

That's so NOT LOVELY for your age..


nTe said...

you will never know if i never try~

Chris said...

like that need to try meh?!!!

wth.. hahaha..

you don't shock your parents with a ang moh baby when you come back!

Mrs Lee Homemade Cookies said...

oooh.. i'd like to be ang moh god father.. ^^

jiayee said...

wow, never knew that that's a 22 yrs old guy willing to give life a try, that's is really brave! salute!!!!