Tuesday, 12 May 2009

L O .ve.ndon.

I love London

Love the city
the activities, the architecture, the life

Love the transportation
the bus, the tube, the train

Love my neighborhood
the convenient, the environment, the location

Love the park
the nature, the path, the peace

Love the gallery
the tranquility, the design, the story

Love the museum
the history, the knowledge, the smell

Love the theater
the expression, the body language, the song

Love the orchestra
the music, the focus, the consistency

Love the weekend
to shop, to see, to play

London Eye, Parliament
Trafalgar Square - Piccadilly Circus - Hampstead Park
Canary Wharf tube station - British Museum - Barbican Theatre: London Symphony Orchestra

Good Bye London

Hello Glasgow
Hello University of Strathclyde
Hello assignment
Hello student life

Hello Mate~

p/s: I Love Malaysia too!!

a late picture

I missed out a picture during the previous post about the baby boy...

His Leng Ma picture~

She will probably kill me when I'm back if i never post a proper picture of her...

Btw, Happy Belated Mother's Day ya!

Monday, 11 May 2009

What am I doing over UK?

Once you've been tagged, you have to write a post with sixteen random things, habits or goals about you. At last, choose five people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them.

1. Tagged by SharonBEE to tell her about what I’m doing over UK.
2. I’m doing proving you over here that you are wrong.
3. I’m doing listing down what I’m doing over here.
4. I’m doing fine over UK.
5. I’m doing cooking over UK everyday
6. I’m love doing traveling over UK.
7. I’m doing eating what I cooked over UK every day.
8. I’m doing thinking what else to write
9. I’m doing watching drama every day over UK.
10. I’m doing taking pictures every day, day and night over UK.
11. I’m doing editing pictures every day over UK.
12. I’m doing planning every day over UK.
13. I love doing visiting museum and gallery over UK.
14. I love doing watching play in the theater over UK but not too often because it expensive.
15. I’m doing thinking who to tag.
16. I’m doing not tagging anyone.

World Peace~

Sunday, 10 May 2009


Roughly 30 years ago, a young brave man went all the way from JB to KL with all his saving with is just two thousand plus ringgit for study. In KL, he meet a gorgeous girl somewhere around OUG (I guess) who came all the way from Kelantan.

Few years later...

* taaaa daaaaaa *

They got married.

Don’t you think marriage is so special? A guy from south Malaysia meets a girl from north Malaysia in the middle of Malaysia.

About 4 years after their marriage, the bride realize she was pregnant again after giving birth a daughter…During the 9 months of pregnancy, she suffered painfully than anyone could imagine. She vomits more often compare to the first time, and she can’t sleep well every night after some incident. As usual, she thinks and imagines a lot after that. Worrying about the health of the baby, how he will look like, his future, and banyak lagi lar…Not only that, she had a hard time when she was giving birth to the baby, she nearly lost her life during the battle.
Thank god, a handsome baby boy….sorry…I mean cute…errr…I mean a very handsome and cute baby boy was born and they name him as Teng Guo Hao.
23 years later, he became a noisy, intelligent, cute, handsome, optimistic, lovely, adorable, sweet and of course a dutiful son! But just….slightly overweight

Four years later, another baby boy was born. What a hardworking young man huh?

Since then, the couple was work hard and doing their best to provide the best to the children. The young man became a contractor, while the young lady became a typical aunty…I mean housewife… Being a housewife and a mother of three, is a 24hr, 7 days a week, 365 days a year full time job for the entire life whithout holiday is not easy at all!! She has to fetch her children to and back from school, tuition, sometimes even shopping or playing sports!! But she never complains…hmmm…may be once a while….not only that, she has to do all the housework, and fulfill her husband and children needs…

With their hard works, they formed a very happy family…

Hari ni, Mother’s Day, being her child for over 23 years, I would like to take this opportunity say thank you so much to my lovely mom!

I remember once my uncle told me, why angmo created Mother’s Day?
Because they are smart enough to earn money from the children who trying to show their filial obedience.
A bouquet of flowers might cost you RM80
A nice meal might cost you RM150
A present might cost you RM300
Respecting you mom, listen to her, showing her filial obedience everyday will be priceless.
But still, I’m sure all mother will be very happy if they receive all above during Mother’s day.

So, Ma, I cancel my trip because I don’t wanna you to worry…I guess that’s the best Mother’s Day gift lo? Or else I will be watching bull fight around this time. Haha…
Please take care of yourself since you just recover. Perhaps I could cook for you when I am back? Keke…
Anyway, your birthday soon, happy birthday to you too yea~ get well soon!!


Perhaps, we shall listen to a song too?

Do you remember her? haha...miss her?
I used to sing this song during the kindergarten performance and I remember clearly that I can only sing the chorus on the stage!!haha…

i think, listening to this song will be much better~

Love the MTV~

Happy Mother's Day

Glen Loin, s c o t l a n d

Last year, I was invited for a walk – a long one, with few SSACK members. The reason I was invited is, I ngam ngam walk into the room while they were discussing about the trip and they were avoiding someone else joining the team who was in the same room…hahaha…So, am I consider lucky? Haha…

The team

Anyway, it was a great trip, free trip, free ride, free lunch (very nice mee goreng and Lay’s Sensation chips!!Sedap, but still Kettle better), great place and great weather!

First time walking around a mountain/hill for roughly 4 hours.

Exploring the mountain

Breathing the fresh air

Communicate with the nature

Appreciate the sunny day

Further understanding about trees

And of course, taking pictures too~

Everyone look at the world differently.

The actor, the tall, the rocker, the handsome, the housemate~

Before we get into the car

Thank you for inviting!!

my d r i v e r

People used to ask me what’s so great working in London?

Jawapannya senang je

I have a driver sending me to work and home every day!!
Jealous tak?

But he (sometimes she, yeah, I have more than one) is very inpatient, he won’t wait for me, I have to even chase after him occasionally.

London eye, parliament

Parliament Night 1

Friday, 8 May 2009

Dimanakah Nico seberna?

Question of the day:
“Dimanakah Nico seberna?”

“Nico dimana-mana”
click to enlarge

Few weeks back, I receive an email from Gucci~ Not the LV best friend Gucci, but my housemate in Glasgow, Rizwan the Gucci, with title Nico dimana-mana.
Basically is a picture to find where I am.

This picture was originally taken during the Experience Event at New Town Hall on 05/04/08, which I took part in performing dikir barat.
Edited by Mohd Haizal Roslan, a plastic surgeon. Is that the reason why he is good 'modifying' people’s face? Haha...
This picture makes my day, I laugh nonstop after looking at it.
Anyway, can you find where I am?
and which me look the best?
*ding ding*

I join the Suka Suka at Cumbernauld_Kah! Kah! Kah! - SSACK group in Glasgow during 2008. It was a Malaysian group formed by Abang Kush. I was please that I join this group because I was so depress and sad during that period – a hard time. But luckily I was introduce to this group by my housemate, and hang out with them quiet often. They are like one big family rather than a group and organize lots of activities.
Such as birthday party every month or two months once with different themes for each month baby.

First time joining the party but with wrong colour, I’m always outstanding anyway…hahaha…
Theme: pink and light blue

Ice skating and swimming in Time Capsule as a reward for taking part in the dikir barat.

Visit rumah Abang Nizam for dinner after Time Capsule.

Paint ball game in Delta Force. Syok Gile~
Will post about the details one day...someday...err....
when I'm free...

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

the birthday boy

Remember the previous post, guessing baby boy or baby girl? Although itu pandai pandai punya Sharon Bee causes me disclose the answer indirectly…But still, I have to review the answer officially, that’s a baby boy!

Sorry that I should have get this post done by the baby boy’s birthday which was during 27th of April 2009, but I failed to do so.





Happy Belated Birthday

Wong Ker Xuan, 小坏坏

If you think that he is crying, soli~ you are wrong…he always has his very own way to express ‘smile’.


During the year 2006, my so call ‘KaiJie’, Bebe, gave birth to this cute baby. The feeling is kinda strange and funny. His mother used to carry us while we are baby, and now, we are carrying her baby…


One month old

Three months old

Four months old he is just so cute and adorable doesn’t he? Chubby chubby wei~

Six months old

One year old, getting big huh…

Fulamak~ bergaya betul ni!!

And now, I’m going to show u, how fast he grow up…and….how big…hahaha…

Three months old and me 245 months old.

Six months old with my dad – while the back ground is a typical Architecture student working area, messy yet artistic~ haha…

And about 3 years old~!!big size huh?

Taken in KLIA, sending me off to London. haha..yeah…I know he is cuter…but at least I tried k~

He was imitating my sis who are taking pictures...nice pose huh~

One, two….. five?!?! Eh…mana tiga empat…budak ni….

And now, he is the brother of KerYiang. His trademark smile~ HAHahahahhaha…

Kids grow up really fast and it is fun to grow up together with them…they are just so cute and naïve, which make u laugh and you will forget all your worry, stress, tension…

For more pictures of this silly naughty boy, please click here, my sister’s facebook. Btw, she is still single, I guess available too~


And some video of his silly action…hehe…enjoy…