Sunday, 13 September 2009

d i r e c t i o n

Story ONE:
I’m meeting a friend of mine for dinner…here goes the story..

F: my friend
M: me

Kring Kring Kring…
M: Halo~
F: Hey, where is the restaurant we are having dinner again? I’m on my way.
M: Oh, is in Salak Selatan. You know how to get there rite?
F: Hmmm…I’m not so sure, can you roughly guide me there?
M: Sure..where are you now?
F: I’m in Salak do i get there from here?Is that near?
M: …….

Story TWO:
This happened to an AngMo friend of my friend….errr….get what I mean?

AM: AngMo
MT: My Friend

On the phone again…
duu duu....duuu duuu...

AM: Help! I’m lost….
MY: Calm down, where are you now?
AM: I have no idea where am I, I told you I’m lost!
MY: Alrite, can you see any street sign? Like Jalan something? Spell as J A L A N ?
AM: Wait...
AM: Thank god! I saw one!
MY: Lovely! Can you spell it to me?
AM: Sure! It is Jalan S E H A L A ~
MY: ..... (follow by) HAHahahahaha…

I think I read the story two somewhere, but that’s what my friend told me…


Chris said...

I like the salak selatan and salak south version. hahah lol ~

Cherie Morwena Fen-Fung Voon said...

jalan sehala. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! v funny.

chenglingwei said...

zha dou! LOLZ