Sunday, 22 February 2009

back to m a l a y s i a

After having a bad year during 2008, I decide to go back Malaysia to celebrate Chinese New Year. So that I can go temple for bai bai or da siew yan and get angpao! Lai lai si si mar!
I went back for three weeks. So, I able to catch up the reunion dinner and spend the whole Chinese New Year including my birthday in Malaysia.

Let’s have a recap before I post about the details and the grandma story. The main reason I’m doing this just simply because I’m lazy.

24 hours before my flight, I called the Qatar Airways just to double check my seat and also reserve my window seat so that I can take picture~ it cost me about £7 just few minutes call. Look what I get?


All block by the big wings~ Happy gila~

I spend about RM35 to look at the wings.


As part of the plan, I went to Malacca for food hunting. - GOOD

And also Sekinchan. – Disappointing but best trip ever.



l o u s a n g with my family during chor 7


Meet up the Australia kinkian.

BBQ for twice – MY house and Hong house. Is actually a reunion, but some of them bought me present! Haha..happy gila… thanks see yao and wan family…


Another gathering with my primary school mate… it was a last minute gathering, so not much people turn up


Clubbing! Woo hoo..Something I waited for so long. But, it was so empty, when it only get happening around 2, but it was the time for us to go home =.= . ..not only that, we kena road block…haih… RM110 gone in few hours and not enjoying at all…is ok~ cz RM110 is not even £25…muahaha..

Meet up with my Sony Alpha kaki α

Playing with this naughty boy


Got a new spec and hairstyle


Celebrate my birthday with… WOO00oo.. HOOO000ooo…

l u c k y m e




And the one and only thing I can do after I went back to Malaysia!

Which is come back to London~





Ohya…nearly missed out…we did something very stupid during the BBQ~

Stay tune~





Hon said...

Oi, thanks to see yao and wans only?

....waste our money. #$!#!@$%!!

nTe said...

come over and take it back lo~

Hon said...

i know u sibeh lonely there.. every komen oso ask us to go over. XP