Sunday, 7 August 2011

my friend

I have been telling this story to my friends many times in Glasgow, yeah, sometimes they were annoyed listening the same story over and over again:
"I have a friend, she got marry and she is pregnant now"

I think i mention about you more than 5 times since you were married...

I'm really happy that you found your love...
and now you have your own baby...


I was so happy when you told me you was pregnant...thanks to Whatsapp..u able to send me your wedding pictures, and the pictures of your big tummy!
when ever i see your tummy gets bigger day by day,

I'm so happy and excited! even though is not mine...haha!

it reminds me of the time we hang out pasar malam..
talk till late night in the garden with see wai...almost every week!

sometimes not talking only, you cried and bite too!

time flies...

you are a mummy now!

you are a tough and brave girl..
with everything you been through,
you deserve what you have today!

once again...

i regret that i couldn't attend your wedding...but i will look for you and your new born baby soon! (hopefully)

Welcome to the world baby!

Take care kawan..

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