Tuesday, 11 November 2008


What is the purpose of a P H O N E ?

To shorten the distance between human.

To communicate with someone far away.

To keep in touch with your family, your love, your friends.

Even though they are thousand miles away, but you still manage to talk to him as if he is just standing beside you through the tiny little holes – the receiver and transmitter.

With the technology, it is now getting smaller, advance with more function, and now we have mobile phone and we can talk anywhere, anytime.

So, now…. The question is…since there is such a great invention more than 100 years ago….

Why must you speak so loud on your phone on the bus?

Is your friend that far away till he can’t hear you?


The bus is moving, so the momentum and inertial force you to speak louder?


You worry that you are getting further from your friend because the bus is moving?

C E L A K A ! Come on lar...That’s a phone lar wei kawan....

Hey boy...Listen to me...If you don’t know how to fully utilize the phone...

Next time horr.....write your friend a

L E T T E R...

old school is G O O D


Chris said...

this post is very amusing ~

nTe said...

hahaha...thanks~ but...thas a compliment rite?