Saturday, 21 March 2009

Oslo, Norway March 2009

Oslo the capital of Norway, even though is one of the top 10 most expensive city, but, I enjoyed the trip a lot. It was just so great to travel with the A&F couple oh ya, n biao jie too. Thank you so much for all the effort planning the trip and booking every thing! Appreciate that! Going trip with Alex is like traveling somewhere with an encyclopedia, tak faham, tanya je~ but, it really make me felt im just so stupid.. While Flora will manage all the finance issue..haha..what a perfect couple.. (but hor…kinda jealous wan lo..haih..)

Anyway, Oslo is fantastic city! Because everywhere are blanket with the thick white snow.. but is look kinda ugly in the city especially besides the road, it look like, ice blended cappuccino. We had nice food, visited some nice building and took lots of pictures.

The very first meal we have in Oslo, Norway recommended by the receptionist.

As a budak kampung, first time saw such a thick snow, gan jiong-nya.

During the second day, we walk around the cities and Aker Brygge. We went to a restaurant recommended by the rough guide book. It is the most expensive I ever have paying by my self.

A three course meal cost £45 – ok….I’m js a ordinary student, it is very expensive for me~

But they were SOOOO000ooo… GREAT, fantastic, lovely, brilliant, gorgeous and FRESH!

Than we came to a building call ‘House of Oslo’. It is a building with 20+ interior design store.

Third day

While waiting for the couple, I made a snow man help by Maxim. SONG~ !

Lunch at Architecture Museum~ weee…. Enjoy the environment so much~ We sit beside the window, with the natural light shine on the food it make them look so great and they taste great too!

After the lunch, we continue our journey to Vigelandsparken a park full with statue.

Collect snows ball

And the fight begin

Fourth day

From a not so heavy snow, get got into very heavy snow on the fourth day.

I want to ski larrr…..

So, we just pick up some broken toboggan, and play~ weee…..

Went for a tea break because the snow just way too strong. Another awesome building again, it has over 100 years of history…

Only apple pie is not enough, I want some ABC. OH YA..ais batu campur, not ais batu kacan..soli ya..But damn, I forgot to bring sweet corn, red bean, cendol, syrup and evaporated milk! Is so not nice without them…

Waiting for tram back to city.

Day view, oslo opera house.

And now, I proudly present our very cute Alex and pretty Flora.

Don’t u think alex is cuter than the lil girl?

And look at flora, don u think she looks like….hmmm….the lucky money toad (蟾蜍)? Haha…no hard feeling ya~ nice picture anyway…

Ahhh…what a lovely couple, aren’t they? Romantic gila~
photos credit - Alex - Flora - BiaoJie
Will post the architecture, scenery and stupid pictures soon.


suangyee, flora said...

nice post ar.... at least didn't waste my effort in planning the trip.. good! post more..

Rachel said...

wau, nice shoot! BTW, wat software u r using to edit d photos?