Tuesday, 12 May 2009

L O .ve.ndon.

I love London

Love the city
the activities, the architecture, the life

Love the transportation
the bus, the tube, the train

Love my neighborhood
the convenient, the environment, the location

Love the park
the nature, the path, the peace

Love the gallery
the tranquility, the design, the story

Love the museum
the history, the knowledge, the smell

Love the theater
the expression, the body language, the song

Love the orchestra
the music, the focus, the consistency

Love the weekend
to shop, to see, to play

London Eye, Parliament
Trafalgar Square - Piccadilly Circus - Hampstead Park
Canary Wharf tube station - British Museum - Barbican Theatre: London Symphony Orchestra

Good Bye London

Hello Glasgow
Hello University of Strathclyde
Hello assignment
Hello student life

Hello Mate~

p/s: I Love Malaysia too!!

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The Keen Observer said...


The title of this post, which appeared on a friend's blog, intrigued me and here I am. Finally someone who shares my love for London!