Sunday, 10 May 2009

Glen Loin, s c o t l a n d

Last year, I was invited for a walk – a long one, with few SSACK members. The reason I was invited is, I ngam ngam walk into the room while they were discussing about the trip and they were avoiding someone else joining the team who was in the same room…hahaha…So, am I consider lucky? Haha…

The team

Anyway, it was a great trip, free trip, free ride, free lunch (very nice mee goreng and Lay’s Sensation chips!!Sedap, but still Kettle better), great place and great weather!

First time walking around a mountain/hill for roughly 4 hours.

Exploring the mountain

Breathing the fresh air

Communicate with the nature

Appreciate the sunny day

Further understanding about trees

And of course, taking pictures too~

Everyone look at the world differently.

The actor, the tall, the rocker, the handsome, the housemate~

Before we get into the car

Thank you for inviting!!

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